SMARTS - The Second Generation Traffic And Billing Software is a Windows based traffic and billing program for radio stations. It runs on Windows XP, SP 2. It is designed to do program logs, statements, invoices, co op and numerous reports.

  • Can tie billing to scheduling
  • Can bill and schedule separately
  • Can run logs and reports multiple times without reprecussion
  • Gives total control of break priorities
  • Offers reconciliation from most digital automation systems
  • Easy change to co op after the fact
  • Day and time limits on individual pieces of copy
  • EDI available
  • Special Events section avail for Sports or other special programming
  • Multi station entry is a click away
  • Traffic orders may be prioritized as to level of importance
  • Logs may be generated Pidgeon Hole or Dynamic

Entering data for your advertising accounts takes only a few minutes. Click image to enlarge.

Log generation places your spots into the correct breaks. Click image to enlarge.

Pick the station, master, break schedule and date for the log you want to generate. Spots are displayed, ready to be placed. Click image to enlarge.

Order entry is done in just a few mouse clicks. Click image to enlarge.