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SMARTS - The Second Generation

Windows Traffic and Billing System for Radio Stations

Anyone familiar with radio knows that the traffic and billing department is the heartbeat of the operation. That's why a well designed traffic and billing system is vital to the success of every radio station.

SMARTS - The Second Generation encompasses over 20 years of radio traffic experience, customer ideas and our own vision. From our unique perspective as one of the earliest suppliers of radio traffic systems, we have created a traffic product that is second to none.

Order entry is fast and easy. Time orders slide into the system because the system thinks like you do. You can log ROS, daypart and fixed position spots. You can do TAP plans, and special events. You can enter orders to appear on tomorrow's log, or enter an order that won't appear for many years. SMARTS - The Second Generation is very flexible. Generating the daily log used to be a horrendous manual task. Later, it became a horrendous computer task, demanding hours of computer time and more hours of operator interface to tweak the final log. Not so with The Second Generation. Most logs are generated and ready for air within 5 minutes.

Any number of stations may be set up, and it is easy to enter multiple station identical entries. Program material, such as spots, PSA's. or Jingles may be forced into a particular break position. Any number of TAP Plans may be created. Salespeople may cross account lines.

Reports are Comprehensive, or for individual stations, with a number of sorts available. They may be viewed on- screen or printed. Certain columns of the reports may be omitted if only part of the data is needed. Accounts may be level billed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Special Events may be set up in advance for ballgames, or other remotes.

Co-op uses a standard ANA/RAB tear sheet. You may type in a script within the program, or import it from another word processor. Co op may be added after the fact.

Telephone support for SMARTS - The Second Generation is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. Telephone training and Internet training are available. Training sessions are held twice a year in the home offices. On-site training is also available.

If you would like more information, please give us a call. A demo is available online (see the link below) or we can mail you one. It is a fully functional copy of the software, but limited to 10 accounts.

We look forward to telling you more about SMARTS - The Second Generation.

Download the SecGen Demo (~8mb)

SecGen Evaluation Guide (Microsoft Word format)

SecGen Evaluation Guide online (HTML)

Last updated August 18th, 2004    (by Wes)