The Smartcaster is one of the first computer systems dedicated to storing and delivering audio to radio stations, then automation of the station's signal. Smartcasters have been in operation in radio stations since later 1989. Smartcasters are in virtually every state of the union and many other countries, running radio stations from tiny markets to some of the largest radio markets in the world.

The Smartcaster makes radio much more affordable and small market radio possible. Running a station on a Smartcaster means staffing can be minimal, yet the station can broadcast 24 hours per day. Smartcaster makes broadcasting an economical proposition.

Features of the Smartcaster

  • provides automation using a satellite music source
  • automates using a music source of music off hard drive
  • works in a live assist configuration
  • works in a totally live configuration using a live operator
  • automates station remote broadcasts- no operator needed
  • may be operated locally or from anywhere on the Internet
  • accepts audio from analog sources such as live recordings
  • accepts audio from digital sources such as CD ripping
  • accepts audio from digitally delivered sources (Internet)
  • provides locally produced voice tracking
  • provides voice tracking capability from a distant location
  • can automatically announce the time
  • can automatically announce the temperature
  • can switch up to 24 different external sources to air
  • can switch up to 24 different external sources to record
  • can do unattended recording from any source
  • takes up to 32 closures from satellite networks
  • maps closures to particular networks
  • can cross-map closures between multiple networks
  • runs under a Linux file structure
  • is normally configured to work with a Linux server
  • server provides RAID Array backup capabilities
  • does an automatic Sync to provide a third level of backup
  • allows for automated file transfer between stations
  • is protected by 24/7 live support
  • may be supported by direct Internet access
  • interfaces with Smarts SecGen and many other traffic systems
  • interfaces with Smarts DPD and many other music systems
  • while modern, is the oldest digital audio system still in use today

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