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The News Beat from Smarts Broadcast Systems

Introducing The Beat - A Web Audio Delivery System that can automate audio feeds to your station from multiple sources, without the need of additional phone lines.

The Beat is perfect for a news intensive operation that needs a cost effective way of moving recorded audio from sources in the field to the air. Here's some examples:

  • News Bites
  • Sports Scores, including stringer reports from games
  • Inclement Weather Announcements
  • Market Reports
  • Recorded Remotes (Reports from the county fair)
  • News Stringers
  • Death notices from funeral homes
  • Regional news networks (Deliver audio to multiple stations)
  • Any audio normally delivered via telephone!
  • Deliver recorded audio anywhere in the world free via The Internet

How it works:

Your station is issued a telephone number to call for reports. Calls go to a central, Internet based voice mail system and are routed to specific mail boxes that you designate for specific purposes. For example, box 100 for news feeds, 200 for market reports, 300 for sports reports, 400 for weather watches and warnings. The caller is prompted to record the audio, and is then presented with several options, including auditioning, re-recording, appending, or saving the audio for broadcast. Once the audio is saved for broadcast, the system dispatches the audio file to the Internet.

The Smarts Decoding Programs running at your station then fetches the files from the Internet. Depending on the options you choose, it can place the files in a Windows production unit so they can be manually edited and dispatched, or place the file directly in a Linux Smartcaster or Skylla Unit for automatic playback to the air (without human intervention), or it can be placed in a computer set up to play the files on relay closure. This option will allow for automated playback of the files from any automation system capable of producing a relay closure to trigger the playback at the appropriate time.

Being Internet based, the phone calls don't go to your local phone lines. The voice mail is capable of handling many simultaneous calls, so your reporters don't dial into busy signals. There's very limited handling of the audio at your station since every call is edited by the correspondent and ready for broadcast. Many can be routed directly to the air.

In addition to automatic delivery, the system can be set up to email the audio file to up to four different email addresses. This provides an easy way to monitor the activity on the system and know what is recorded for broadcast.

Audio quality is quite good. The bandwidth, of course, is limited to that of the telephone system, but the recordings are very good quality telephone audio. We will be happy to email you a file recorded on our beta site station so you can hear it for yourself.

If you are downloading to a production computer, multiple files of related material may be recorded in a single mailbox. For example, all stringers at the Friday night football games can call in their reports to box 300. The files, once downloaded may be played back individually or sequentially.

Historically, local content has been the keystone of small and medium market radio. Achieving that through funding of conventional news services, however, is quite costly. The Beat from Smarts Broadcast Systems is extremely affordable and very flexible, to allow you to generate local content without the added expense.

Pricing for the system depends on the number of mailboxes, whether you use a local number, 800 number or a non-local phone number, and number of phone numbers you purchase. We also have pricing for the manual, semi-automated or automated receiving programs.

Energize your news and sports departments with this new, inexpensive and versatile tool. Contact us for more information on The Beat. Email us and we will reply with an actual file recorded through the system so you know exactly how it will sound.

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