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40th Annual Meeting

Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theater


The Annual Meeting of Emmetsburg’s Main Street Community Theater was held November 3, 2017 at Dublin’s Restaurant with 28 people present.  The guests enjoyed a meal prior to the meeting.  The meeting was called to order by President, Faith Kennedy.


AWARDS:  The following annual awards were given to people who have helped make MSCT a great theater:


The Ingenue Award (for a young person) was given to three young people who have contributed greatly to our theater:

Dani Ringlaben has been in seven shows, both children’s and adult shows, in her short 10 years.

Amelia Ort by age 14 has also been in 11 shows, including children and adult productions. 

Quentin Ort by age 12 has also been in 8 children and adult shows.

We are very appreciative of these young people and their contributions to our theater.


Rubber Chicken Award (Music) was given to Denise Haack for her musical talents.  Denise began her MSCT career with an acting role in Murder at the Howard Johnson in 1992.  In addition to acting in most musicals, she has also been the musical director for every musical since 2007.  Her musical talents have helped make our shows a success.    


Silver Plate Award was awarded to Don Joyce.  Don has acted in many productions, starting with Of Mice and Men.  He helped direct Church Basement Ladies and has participated either on or off stage with every show sinceHe has become sort of a Jack of all Trades for the theater. We really appreciate his help.


Golden Plate Award was presented to Rosemary Matthews.  Rosemary has been secretary for the theater for 25 years, has kept historical records for the theater, including pictures of most productions, and does the Newsletter.  She put together the 40th Anniversary Memories book, which traces the 40 years of the theater.



ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS:  The terms of Grant Duhn, Brian Garrels, Rosemary Matthews, Andrew Stolley, Donald Joyce, Lois Enger, Rick Jones, Linda Jones, Bill Graves, and Cynthia Berkland will expire this year.  Grant, Brian, Rosemary, Andrew, Don, Lois, Rick, and Linda have agreed to stay on, and we welcome new members Denise Haack and Kirk Haack.  It was moved, seconded, and approved to accept all these members for a 3-year term from 2017-2020.  Bill and Cynthia will be stepping down. We thank them for their service to the Theater. 


MINUTES:  The minutes of the previous annual meeting were read by Rosemary Matthews.  They were approved as read.


TREASURY:  Mary Moser discussed the financial report, which she had previously emailed to the board.  The current checking account balance is $2,431.33 and the CD is $6,460.50 for a total of $8,891.83.   2017 membership was $5,990. The building expenses were considerably less this year.


REVIEW OF YEAR:  Jackie Van Oosbree gave a report on the past, current and upcoming shows.  Lend me a Tenor opens next week; we have spent some money and hope to recuperate it.  We will have guests on Wednesday, and the 40th Anniversary Gala will be prior to the first 2 shows.  Jackie is considering Young Frankenstein for the spring production and possibly Sleeping Beauty Kids for the children’s production. Also Lone Star Spirits is a possibility.


COSTUME SHOP:  The shop was open for the Halloween season.  On the return date, no one returned their costumes, which means customers forfeit their deposit.  The pipes have been okay this year. 


GRANT APPLICATIONS:  We received both grants this past year and they have been installed, for which we are grateful.  The Air Conditioning has already been a blessing.  For the 2018 grant year,


Body Mics:  Faith discussed the possibility of a PACGDC Mini-Grant (under $5000) for this year to purchase body mics.  MSCT would be responsible for 10% matching funds.  It was moved by Stacey, seconded by Lori, and approved by the board that we apply for this grant.


Kitchen & Plumbing Remodeling:  Faith discussed the possibility of applying for a large PACGDC grant to remodel the kitchen and plumbing, as our current setup is in need of help.  It was moved by Peggy, seconded by Linda, and passed by the board that we pursue investigating the Kitchen & Plumbing remodeling project, seeking bids up to $15,000, and applying for a grant.  Motion carried.


40th Anniversary Gala:  Plans are to celebrate with a Gala on Friday and Saturday nights (November 10 & 11) at 6:30 p.m. at the theater.  Tickets for the Gala will be $25, which includes a ticket to the production and appetizers (catered by Dublin’s).  Wine and Beer will be available for a donation (donation jar at the table).  Jackie is inviting past and current theater participants to attend, with a free ticket and name added to the Grand Prize drawing box.  Stacey, Rick, and Amy will be assisting with the food. 


40th Anniversary Memories Book:   Rosemary brought copies of the new Memories book that she and Lois put together for board members to look at.  The book contains the 40-year history of our theater with pictures of almost every production.  The Memories books are available for purchase and will be located in the lobby where they will be paid for ($15) at the desk. 


Ushers and servers will be needed. All board members are encouraged to attend these two nights to assist where needed.  Sign up to help with Mary.


SQUARE PAYMENT PROGRAM:  Mary Moser discussed a computer program called “Square” that allows people to pay with a Smart Phone.  No personal information is required.   Faith moved that we look into the program; Andy seconded it; motion carried.


ADJOURNMENT:  John Van Oosbree moved the meeting be adjourned.  Seconded and carried.


Respectfully Submitted, 

Rosemary Matthews, Secretary


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