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39th Annual Meeting

Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theater


Emmetsburg’s Main Street Community Theater held its Annual Meeting November 4, 2016 at Dublin’s Restaurant with 22 people present.  The guests enjoyed a meal prior to the meeting. The meeting was called to order by President, Faith Kennedy. 

AWARDS:  The following annual awards were given to those who have helped make MSCT a great theater:


Golden Plate Award was presented to Ed Meyer, who has help in many capacities in the theater, such as acting, sound, wiring, and orchestra.  Thanks, Ed.


Silver Plate Award was awarded to Andrew Stolley, who has served the theater in many ways, from that of President, Director, Actor, construction, etc.   The theater has benefited from his many talents and his willingness to help wherever needed.  We appreciate your services.


The Ingenue Award (for a young person) was given to both Chris and Alex Meyer.  They have done sound and lights for Shrek Jr & Peter Pan.  Chris has also acted in Spamalot. We are grateful for their dedication and talent.  Thank you Chris and Alex.  


Rubber Chicken Award was given to Peter Morelock for the many ways he has been helpful to the theater.  He has been in the Adams family, Spamalot, Peter Pan, Jr., Shrek, Jr. and Spamalot, helping with music and in other capacities, and serves on Board.  

ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS:  The terms of Roberta Hersom, Delbert Witzke, Faith Kennedy, and Amy Riska, will expire this year.  Roberta, Delbert, and Faith have agreed to stay on, along with new members, Lori Flynn and Peggy Stolley, for a 3-year term from 2016-2019.    It was moved, seconded, and approved to accept all these members.  Amy Riska and Jim Studer will be stepping down. We thank Amy and Jim for their service to the Board.   

MINUTES:  The minutes of the previous annual meeting were read by Rosemary Matthews.  They were approved as read.  

TREASURY:  Mary Moser discussed the financial report, which she had previously emailed to the board.  Marvin's Room and Spamalot showed losses, which Shrek, Jr. had a profit. 

 2016 membership was $5,605. The 2017 memberships are starting to come in. The PACGDC grant and expenses (25%) for the new roof this past year affected the budget considerably.   

 COSTUME SHOP:  Faith and Jackie shared with the board the situation with the Costume Shop.  One of the overhead pipes has been repaired, taking care of that leak.  However, the mold, moisture, and other problems still remain.  Considerable discussion ensued dealing with the pros and cons.   John moved that we stay where we are.  Seconded.  Motion carried.



Projector and Laptop:  Faith discussed the possibility of a PACGDC Mini-Grant for this year.  It was felt that a projector such as used in Spamalot and a laptop would be helpful in our productions.  The grant would be a mini-grant in the Under $5000 category and the theater would be responsible for 10% matching funds.  It was moved, seconded, and approved that we apply for this grant.


Air Conditioning for Theater:  Faith discussed the possibility of a PACGDC grant to put air conditioning in the building.  Some years the Children’s Theater production has a difficult time because of the heat, and other activities cannot take place during the summer months.  She has received one bid and would like to seek more bids.  This grant would be a full grant (Over $5,000) and the theater would be responsible for 25% matching funds.  There was considerable discussion relating to the costs, affordability, and the necessity to further investigate all aspects of the project.  It was moved by Linda Jones, seconded by Stacy Berkland to pursue investigating the project and applying for a grant.  Motion carried.

 FUNDRAISING:  Along with the conversation regarding the treasury and the possibility of air conditioning grant, there was a lot of dialog regarding needed fundraising. Peggy discussed several ideas that we might be able to use for fundraising. For the current show, beer and wine will be available for a free-will donation.  Ushers and servers will be needed to assist.  Board members should sign up with Mary to help. 

REVIEW OF YEAR:  Jackie Van Oosbree gave a report on the past, current and upcoming shows.  Last year’s shows included Shrek Jr., Marvin’s Room, and SpamalotOnly an Orphan Girl is currently in production with a cast of 5, and will open November 11 with shows Nov. 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20.  She encourage everyone to attend and to bring others.  The spring show will be Church Basement Ladies and will be held at the Bethany Lutheran Church basement on March 24, 25, 26, 31, Apr 1, 2. 

 ADJOURNMENT:  John Van Oosbree moved the meeting be adjourned.  Seconded and carried.

 Respectfully Submitted, 

Rosemary Matthews, Secretary

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